Jeu vidéo, RPG, CRPG, Coopératif, Multijoueur, Aventure, Désert, Heroic-fantasy, Indépendant, PC, Windows, tour par tour, cel-shading

A quest for liberty

Cassandra's Fate is a cooperative role-playing game in which a unique journey awaits you, through a desertic world in submerged by chaos.

Dive into a mysterious universe, gather a team of foolhardy adventurers and fight for your freedom through these lands ravaged by dangerous creatures.

This world needs heroes, will you become one of them ?

To the adventure !

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Explore the world, travel the desertic lands and discover dangerous monsters and secret lairs. Meet eminent characters and progress in a captivating adventure.

Plain RPG

Create and your character, complete quests, overcome challenges and reveal your potential.

In coop

Join other games and team up with your friends to defeat the monsters that stand in your way.

Collect and craft

Explore to find resources, and use them to craft or upgrade your equipment.

Strategic battles

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Affronte tes adversaires au tour par tour en 3 contre 3. Utilise des compétences variées avec de nombreuses synergies, et enchaine de puissants combos d’attaque avec tes alliés.


Choose which skills to use in battles, without being restricted by your character's attributes.

Various skills

Combine the many skills available to trigger synergies and team combos.

Loot !

Learn new skills and find equipment to progress and perfect your strategies.

Un univers inédit

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Survive in a kingdom ravaged by war, take part in a unique adventure and discover the secrets of this world. Progress through devastated lands, huge deserts and perilous undergrounds.

The time of trouble has arrived

The machinations of the Council, carried by its devouring ambitions, have led the lords to fight each other in arid lands where chaos rules. All over the continent, illegitimate suitors are triggering conflicts, and the abandoned population is surviving among the lord's wars for power.


Dark creatures, which where kept away by the seigniorial armies, are once again on the attack, taking advantage of the disorder generated by this civil war to spread terror and destruction. These misfortunes only leave ruined villages and hopeless inhabitants.


Play as a survivor fleeing his oppressors, uncover secrets buried under the sands, and survive the future storm.

Follow the game development

Currently in development, Cassandra's Fate is the first game project of our studio.

La sortie du jeu n’est pas encore annoncée et sera dépendante des financements du studio.

Stay informed of the latest information, we regularly post on the progress of the game.

If you are interested in the game, you can also financially support the project.

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