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As the first project from our young studio, Storm's Eye is a Fast Action Roguelite inspired by the classics of the genre, and transposed to our world.

The player takes on the role of a survivor trying to escape the hordes responsible for the fall of the Myalgar Empire. Aboard a Sfar caravel, the emblematic vessels of the nomadic clans, become a Runner and complete a series of expeditions, alone or as part of a team, to help your caravel survive one more day in this threatened world by supplying and guiding it.
Plan your operations, discover the weak points of the creatures that will cross your path, find equipment and uncover the secrets of the desert that may enable you to defeat the endless horde.

Release of the game in 2024 on PC.


We develop cooperative and role-playing video games

We are an online multiplayer video game development studio. Our young team is made up of people who are passionate about video games, working together to deliver rich, innovative experiences.
Our aim is to produce multiplayer role-playing games based on reinvented concepts. We want to focus on the uniqueness of adventures, cooperation and the causal impact of actions. Our games are based on community interaction, both with our studio and with the community itself.

We create video games that encourage interaction between players, within unique worlds and captivating stories.


Because we care

Our approach to video games is resolutely oriented towards others, and towards a more responsible, constructive and enriching vision of gaming.


A close-knit team and a community that shares.

Reinventing the classics

Integrate new systems to renew gameplays.

Working with passion

A team motivated by the desire to make games that appeal to everyone.

Having fun

For us and for our players, because that's the primary aim of a successful game.


Artwork for Thibaud

Thibaud "Shad"

Project Leader,
Technical Leader,
Game Designer
Artwork for Damien

Damien "Dada"

Project Leader,
Executive Assistant
Artwork for Laurent

Laurent "Vammoss"

Project Leader,
Game Designer
Artwork for Théo

Théo "Ry"

Artwork for Sacha

Sacha "Enpitsu"

Game Artist


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