Random Synapse

The first game project from our studio, an RPG centered around character development, offering a cooperative multiplayer adventure.

The game takes place in a completely original heroic-fantasy universe and offers its players a thrilling adventure. It is possible to host or join the game of other players in cooperative up to three players. Outside of the story, the game focuses around the freedom of character progression.

Release of the game in 2023 on PC.

Nos Objectifs

We develop

cooperative and role-playing

video games

We are an online multiplayer video game development studio. Our young team brings together video game enthusiasts, who work together to offer rich and innovative experiences.

Our goal is to produce multiplayer role-playing games, based on unconventionnal concepts. We want to focus on the uniqueness of adventures, and great impact from casual interactions and collaboration of players. Our games are meant to be based on the interactivity of the community with itslef and with our studio.

We create video games that invite interaction between players, within unique universes and captivating stories.

Our Values

"Because we care"

Our idea of video games is turned towards others, and towards a more responsible, constructive and relevant vision of gaming.


A close-knit team and a community that shares.


A team led by the desire to make games that we like.

Reinventing the classics

Integrate new systems to renew gameplays.


Because one is the primary goal of a successful game.

Thibaud "Shad"

Project Leader, Technical Leader, Game Designer

Damien "Dada"

Project Leader, Executive Assistant

Laurent "Vammoss"

Project Leader, Game Designer

Fabrice "Rhyler"

Lead Game Artist

Adrian "Kaazushi"

Graphic Designer, Game Artist

Matthis "Kieran"


Théo "Ry"


Robin "ionesk0"

Project Manager, Community Manager

Sacha "Enpitsu"

Game Artist

Mathis "Milex"

Game Artist

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