Jeu vidéo, RPG, CRPG, Coopératif, Multijoueur, Aventure, Désert, Heroic-fantasy, Indépendant, PC, Windows, tour par tour, cel-shading

A quest for liberty

The time of trouble has arrived.

The machinations of the Council, carried by their devouring ambitions, brought the lords to tear each other apart on arid lands where chaos now reigns supreme. All over the continent, illegitimate suitors are sparking conflicts, and the population is somehow surviving amid the massacres for power.


Dark creatures, hitherto repelled by the seigniorial armies, are once again attacking, taking advantage of the disorder caused by this civil war. The wake of these misfortunes leaves behind only destroyed villages and distraught inhabitants.


Play as a survivor fleeing his oppressors, uncover secrets buried under the sands, and survive the brewing storm.

Discover an original universe


Travel through arid deserts, verdant valleys and even toxic swamps, and discover the mysteries that hide beneath the sands. Meet notable characters and take part in future memorable events.

Cooperative Multiplayer


Join other players games or invite them to join your own game and go on adventures alone or take on challenges with friends for up to three players.

Collect unique loot by replaying quests to help new players.

Turn-based combat


Take on waves of enemies in a three-on-three turn-based fashion. Plan your strategy and decide what actions to take to achieve victory. The countless possible combos offer a large number of tactics according to each opponent.



Collect or craft lots of equipment and discover new abilities by exploring the world or participating in quests.

Build your strategy


Enjoy a completely classless system, choose freely to combine the skills you want to use for your adventure.

There are no attribute class limitations, but specialization will allow a piece of equipment to be used to its full potential.

Game in development

Cassandra's Fate is our studio's first game project. We are currently working on to bring this game to life!

Release of the game on PC, end of 2023.

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